Interior Plaster Repairs
Lath & Plaster

We fix and repair plaster, including lath and plaster repairs. We also repair plasterboard, cracked plaster and damage to cornice and can help with EQC claims for repairs.

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Interior Plaster Repairs

We cover all types of wall plastering repairs

  • Wall plaster repair
  • Lath & plaster repairs
  • Repairing cracks in plasterboard
  • Plasterboard repair
  • Repairing plaster
  • Plaster wall repair
  • Repairing water damaged ceilings
  • Getting rid of moldy Gyprock
  • Damaged Gibboard Repair
  • Repairing cracks in walls, ceilings and cornice
  • Repairing & Fixing cracks/holes in walls & ceilings
  • Cracked Ceiling repairs
  • Lathe & Plaster replacement
  • Ceiling Rose Replacement

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For repairs and fixes to holes & cracks in plaster or damage to cornice

Lath & Plaster Repair

Lath and plaster is a building process used to finish mainly interior walls and ceilings in New Zealand until the late 1950s. After the 1950s, drywall began to replace the lath and plaster process.

Lath plaster can be difficult to repair.  We can assess the best lath and plaster repair for your plaster ceilings or walls

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Repairing Historic Flat Plaster Walls and Ceilings


When it comes to repairing plaster we are second to none. If you have an interior plastering repair call us today.

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