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Plastering and crack repairs

We are an EQC Registered repairer and know the process inside out.  If you are waiting for repairs by EQR, the EQC provides an opt out of that process. This personally managed option can reduce the stress involved in a stalled process.

We will deal directly with you to provide qualified assistance to help you through this process. We provide assistance with a complete plan of attack required for you to take up this option. By taking the cash and becoming the project manager we can get you underway sooner by appointing us as your own contractor to complete the repairs for you.


Plasterer earthquake repairs christchurch

Lath and Plaster Repairs

Lath and Plaster used in many older buildings and homes in Christchurch.  Lath & Plaster involves nailing long thin strips of wood (lath) across wall and ceiling joists and plastering over them.

Repair Options

  • Rake and fill for minor cracks;
  • If plaster falls out then you can patch it with new plasterboard, which is then re-stopped;
  • Major damage will require the lath and plaster being removed and relined with plasterboard, stopped and painted/wall-papered.

Other factors that may need consideration are existing cornices, architraves and other plaster finishes.

DIY – Home Repair/Fix Plaster Tips


We become your main contractor providing you with a fixed quote to repair all your existing quake damage.

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